Leveraging Microsoft Teams for law firm knowledge functions


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Many a law firm has turned to Microsoft Teams as the tool to help support its people to collaborate more efficiently while working from home during the pandemic – but it’s clear it could be used for quite a lot more than a great many video meetings and useful project-progressing chat.

Launching Briefing Knowledge Leaders 2021, this recent roundtable with Aderant and Fireman & Company considered the merit of asking people to access the intranet via Teams.

Law firms need to make important information as easily accessible to busy people as possible, so if a large part of the day is already spent heavily involved in a solution, does it make sense to use it to push out more to keep people updated and productive? Or on the other hand, would that risk a sense of information overload, with people feeling they have yet another system to continuously check? Some firms are developing chatbots as a new route to finding information when they need it, including when in Teams – and there’s also potential for other systems to join the party. But do some types of knowledge and data really belong in different places for optimum firm-wide effectiveness, or by bringing them together can you capitalise on additional context for decision-making? Do the opportunities need balancing with elements of risk in terms of information governance and safeguarding a system of record?

Editor-in-chief of Briefing Richard Brent, and Aderant product manager Derek Schutz, are joined by 17 knowledge management leaders at firms large and smaller for a lively ideas exchange covering all of the above, and more.