What do firms think of the legal technology ecosystem at the top of 2020?

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March 2020

Look who’s talking

How are firms enabling their people to plug into collaborative cultures?

February 2020

COO your future

What’s on the horizon for the world of the legal chief operating officer?

December 2019

Delivery of the decade

2020 ahoy – we can finally see the law firm of the future, right?

November 2019

Slice time

Michael Castle, Deloitte Legal, on offering clients a tasty alternative

October 2019

Buying signals

How are firms responding to the evolution of legal service procurement?

September 2019

Hot data

Why firms are partnering with academia in the quest for sharper analysis



Legal IT landscapes 2020

How are firms approaching their top tech investments, cybersecurity measures and innovation initiatives as we enter a new decade?

Auto advances

Which business areas are law firms accelerating their automation efforts in and why?