What did client listening involve for law firms in lockdown?

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Briefing Jul/Aug 2020 front cover
July 2020

Which way now?

Are we entering a new world of legal process improvement?

Briefing June20 cover
June 2020

Lockup in lockdown

How are are law firm finance leaders handling the crisis?

May 2020

It’s the screen team

Law firm leaders on how they managed the move to full-time homeworking

April 2020

System thinking

What do firms think of the legal technology ecosystem at the top of 2020?

March 2020

Look who’s talking

How are firms enabling their people to plug into collaborative cultures?

February 2020

COO your future

What’s on the horizon for the world of the legal chief operating officer?



Briefing special report: New model legal

How are law firms transforming office space, investing in technology, and changing working patterns or policies, for the business landscape after lockdown?

Present and correct

What are the opportunities for firms to change their fortunes by making more of management information?