How are firms responding to the evolution of legal service procurement?

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September 2019

Hot data

Why firms are partnering with academia in the quest for sharper analysis

Briefing July19 cover
July 2019

Don’t leave us this way

What keeps top business talent actively engaged?

Briefing June 19 cover
June 2019

Cash me if you can

Are firms taking the time to improve their financial management strategies?

Briefing May19 cover
May 2019

Power is learned

Where do law firms find machine learning has most potential to transform?

Briefing April19 cover
April 2019

Stick with it

Are the latest advances in collaboration as attractive as law firms think?

Briefing Mar19 cover
March 2019

Take on the system

Do law firms have a new breed of business technology within their grasp?


Briefing Mar19, Cybersupp cover

LITL 2019 security special

From client audits to chief information security officers, law firms explain what’s on the agenda for managing the risk of cyberattack.
Briefing Mar19, Risk supp cover

A world of risk

If anything’s certainly on the horizon, it’s uncertainty. How is business preparing for what we don’t yet even know?