Briefing Tiger Team: Thinking differently for a new normal

Richard Brent, editor-in-chief|Briefing

Karen Jacks, chief technology officer|Bird&Bird

Sid Welham, chief operations officer|HFW

Brian Dunlop, global director of strategic pricing|White & Case

Tony Pullman, head of business transformation and chief operations officer|Pinnacle


Briefing July 2020 Tiger Team: Thinking differently is a firm-wide focus, looking at the strategic approach to managing people brought out by a new working environment. Supported by our friends at Pinnacle, Briefing editor-in-chief Richard Brent is joined by Karen Jacks, chief technology officer, Bird&Bird; Sid Welham, chief operations officer, HFW; Brian Dunlop, global director of strategic pricing, White & Case; and Tony Pullman, head of business transformation and chief operations officer, Pinnacle.

The tigers discuss the top three management challenges at top-tier law firms:

  • Managing people working remotely
  • Improving the client experience
  • Developing people remotely

We hear how top-tier, global law firms are successfully navigating these challenges, despite a more dispersed workforce. Naturally, some sectors have become busier than others during this time – so firms have needed to have a better grip on resource management and work allocation. Also, the tigers discuss how working remotely affects key performance indicators – and what/why is measured. Is your firm changing the way you look at performance and how you approach appraisals? See what the tigers have to say on the matter.

No doubt, the conversation is moving on from looking at how things were rolled out when the lockdown came into force and toward looking at what learnings can be taken from that time. The tigers look at the future of change and how the pandemic has provided firms a burning platform – and what that means going forward. Do firms want to embed this new change mindset and do they need to change in other ways to progress as they want to in a new strategic future? What does that future even look like?

Watch the video on YouTube here.

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