Briefing special report: New model legal

How are firms preparing for the future office and workforce after lockdown?

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Virtual roundtable: The legal workspace, reworked, with CTS

Richard Brent, editor-in-chief | David Fazakerley, in-house legal CIO |
What will a leading law firm office, workforce and operating model look like by the end of the year 2020? Following our research report ‘New model legal’, powered by CTS, editor-in-chief Richard Brent and CTS in-house legal CIO David Fazakerley, are joined by C-suite leaders from a broad range of firms to discuss transformations both […]
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Support for agility

How is software supporting firms to change?

Briefing special report: New model legal

How are law firms transforming office space, investing in technology, and changing working patterns or policies, for the business landscape after lockdown?