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Automation on the agenda for legal process improvement





s legal continues to consider where large language models (LLMs) may fit into its future, in this summer issue of Briefing journalist Joanna Goodman quizzes technology and innovation leaders – including at Norton Rose Fulbright, Macfarlanes, Lewis Silkin and Freeths – about where automation is already powering a more productive business present.

Briefing‘s editor-in-chief Richard Brent also catches up with Adrian Jaggard, CEO at Taylor Rose MW, to learn why now is the time to build out the brand and catch a fresh wave of potential transformation power in Australia.

You’ll find perspectives on the need to explore technology and support talent from Johnson Hana and Obelisk Support respectively – and new columnist Ed Wilson at Autologyx neatly combines the two in his exploration of revisiting the remote-work conundrum.

And following her star turn at Briefing Knowledge Leaders 2022, Dr Phillippa Lally at The University of Surrey returns to give a few more pragmatic tips, plus insight, for pushing people to break some unhelpful operational habits.

A broad canvass of other legal business case studies and calls for change include:

  • Katrina Kostic Samen at KKS Savills – on effective ways to ease people into new working environments.
  • Jeremy Morris at Clyde & Co – explains the complexity of merging core systems with the support of partner Pinnacle.
  • Dino Eliopulos at Fulcrum GT – talks the need to embrace a digital ecosystem right now.
  • Andrew Try, managing director at ComXo says firms must process-map enquiries to catch and capture the most promising client opportunities.
  • Josiah Chaves at Aderant – calls for an immediate end to outside counsel guidance (OCG) chaos.
  • Jo Clarke at Iron Mountain – surveys the spectrum of process-improvement opportunities in legal business land.
  • Julia Salasky at Legl – on why law firms should start their automation adventures in areas that benefit the whole business.
  • Richard Welch at Kennedys – says Elite 3E is helping to push finance people’s time and energy into more productive activity.
  • Emily Cox at Womble Bond Dickinson on why implementing Bundledocs is a clear win for client and internal development.
  • Scott Kelly at NetDocumentssays firms could usefully start automation efforts by cutting out clicks and data duplication.


Joanna Goodman talks to operational and innovation leaders at top UK law firms about the most notable successes and setting strategies as they seek to replace repetitive and inefficient tasks in legal service or business process delivery with the blossoming promise of automation.


Adrian Jaggard, CEO at Taylor Rose MW, tells Richard Brent why and how his firm is taking a strategic stride into the Australian legal market in 2023.


Dr Phillippa Lally, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Surrey, says understanding unconscious processes can help you to deliver change more effectively in a business world that usually likes to do things the way they’ve always been done.


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