Briefing special report: New model legal


How are firms preparing for the future office and workforce after lockdown?





Having established homeworking-as-normal for the vast majority of teams, the question facing law firms now – as in many other business sectors – is whether and how a ‘traditional’ office life will return. Many firms have undertaken surveys of employee preferences. These appear largely to have found that, although people had no choice in the matter, and in some clearly difficult circumstances, working from home has worked well. People were able to be productive in their roles out of the office for a considerable period of time.


Keeping the change?

As law firms slowly begin to allow their people back into city office spaces – with a range of arrangements and combinations on offer – one of the biggest questions at time of writing is how the standard legal business operational and working model might change mid- to long-term.

Briefing special report with CTS: New model legal


Powers to prioritise

From management training, to process automation, and movement of core systems to the cloud, have projects and investments been moved up the agenda, delayed or reordered?

Briefing special report with CTS: New model legal

Where are the opportunities?

What are the biggest opportunities for service change, innovation, or even competitive differentiation as organisations, as law firms find their way through and out of 2020?

Briefing special report with CTS: New model legal




Support for agility

How is software supporting firms to change?
Briefing HSBC law firm survey cover

Briefing | HSBC Strategy and investment report

What are law firms' strategic and investment plans and priorities in 2020?