Harnessing wellbeing investment for higher performance

Richard Brent, editor-in-chief, Briefing|

Jenny Lloyd, diversity and wellbeing manager, Linklaters|

Rebecca Ormond, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing lead, PwC|

Helen Gillett, chief operating officer, BetterSpace|

Law firms, like so many organisations, are highly focused on fine-tuning what they can offer employees to generate engagement and build a positive environment as working models continue to evolve.

It’s quite clear that respect for wellbeing – and a proactive approach to managing any challenges in achieving it – is increasingly a fundamental expectation in the equation. But is it compatible with the intense, high-performance culture law firms have long invested in supporting to grow profitably for current and future stakeholders?

In this latest Briefing webcast, Richard Brent, head of content at Briefing, speaks to those responsible for managing the overlaps between wellbeing and diversity and inclusion priorities at firms, and hears that a growing theme is personalisation. As well as managing the whole, firms need to find ways to meet the needs of the individual; taking time to understand personal perspectives and any challenges, and effectively signposting the most useful solutions.

Rebecca Ormond, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing lead at PwC, explains that not only have people’s expectations of work changed, they are increasingly willing to take action to see them met. The pressure is on business leaders to take practical steps to promote the importance of balance, rest and recovery in a meaningful way – and to act to ensure stated values and official approaches are reflected in the day-to-day lived experience.

And Jenny Lloyd, diversity and wellbeing manager at Linklaters, describes the journey of transforming how its people can access several pillars of activity, or specific products, to support their personal wellbeing through new platform BetterSpace. Offering choice as part of the offer has been positive for the business in terms of assessing its own performance as well as empowering the individual.

They are joined by Helen Gillett, chief operating officer of BetterSpace, who explains why now is the moment for law firms to put significant energy into addressing wellbeing in the round, and that tools can be both a very convenient and a truly constructive part of the conversation.

Hear more wellbeing insights in the full webcast recording

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