Briefing 5P SEssion: presentation from Eddie Hartman

Richard Brent, editor-in-chief|Briefing

Eddie Hartman, partner |Simon-Kucher & Partners


If you were unable to attend, or attended but want to refresh your memory of Clara's presentation, take a look here!

Briefing 5P always seeks to bring firms and their clients together, and in a newly dispersed and highly virtual working world that’s arguably more important than ever. But while the technology means they are often just a couple of clicks away, and reduced travel might even free up some availability for good conversation, what about the dynamics of trust in 2020?

Eddie Hartman, a partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners – as well as founder of the leading online legal services company LegalZoom – speaks to people on both sides of the relationship about their drivers, experiences and challenges. He highlights that although – in an ideal world – price should be approximately equivalent to value received, in professional services that isn’t always the case.

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