Briefing 5P webcast: How to elevate your client relationships to trusted business partnerships

Richard Brent, editor-in-chief|Briefing

Lindsey Elliott, general counsel|Savills Investment Management

Adam Soames, global head of business development and strategy|Hogan Lovells


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The first in Briefing’s 5P series of webinars for 2020 focuses on the process that lies behind strengthening law firm-client relationships into trusted partnerships. Editor-in-chief Richard Brent is joined by Lindsey Elliott, general counsel of Savills Investment Management, to talk about what she really needs from firms’ client collaboration and listening initiatives to fit her operating model in 2020.

Systems can support the solution, but the way that both management and sector information is most effectively communicated also relies heavily on establishing trusted personal connections and firm-wide understanding of priorities, internal efficiencies and how work relates to the goals of the wider business. Adam Soames, global head of business development and strategy at Hogan Lovells, then explains how his firm has seen BD efforts respond to the pressures of working through the pandemic, and how a number of recent investments in new ways to manage data sources and content delivery are helping to drive relationship outcomes.

This includes a decision to bring in the Introhive platform to build a more accurate and actionable picture of who knows who, and the strength of those connections, both within the firm and out to its clients. Legal director Alan Mercer gives us his perspective on how the challenges of forming and growing fruitful connections are evolving in the landscape firms face today.


Webinar time: 1 hour. Take a look at the YouTube page for specific timestamps, so you can find content more easily.


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