Briefing 5P webcast: Expert group – Flexing your resources: How do you manage it with clients?

Kayli Olson, deputy editor|Briefing

David Halliwell, partner|Pinsent Masons

Iain Brown, head of alternative resourcing|Ashurst Advance

Nir Golan, director - consulting|Elevate

In this Briefing 5P 2020 session Expert Group – Flexing your resources: How do you manage it with clients, deputy editor Kayli Olson is joined by leaders in alternative legal service providers (ALSP) and others in legal. Nir Golan, director – consulting, Elevate, David Halliwell, partner, Pinsent Masons, and Iain Brown, head of alternative resourcing, Ashurst Advance talk about the importance of being flexible when it comes to relationships and resources when working for clients. We cover key areas such as:

  • Why would a client use a law firm instead of going directly for an alternative legal service provider? And how can law firms differentiate its operating model to take on the competition?
  • Why would alternative legal services providers collaborate with law firms, and what is the differentiator they can bring to that arrangement?
  • How are in-house legal teams working with ALSPs? How are they mitigating potential risks of working with ALSPs?
  • How can law firms better engage with their clients, perhaps taking lessons from how alternative legal providers work?

Also, we take questions from breakout sessions around our 5Ps: people, pricing, profitability, performance, and process. See how these key areas in legal business operations stack up against the strategy of using or working with ALSPs. There’s a lot that can be learned in terms of approaches to workflow, relationship, business structure and performance metrics that can be taken from the alternative legal service provider world that top-tier law firms can take on board. Much of this can boil down to one thing, which is, of course, the client. Listening to client needs during a pitch and driving that outcome will no doubt change the way you approach and resource their work – that is, if you truly listen to those pain points.

Watch now to hear their views around these topics and more.


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