Briefing 5P webcast: Using collaboration tools to maximise profitability and drive process improvement within your remote teams, with

Richard Brent, editor-in-chief|Briefing

Vinnie Scarinci, vice president of legal practice|

Lucy Nigrelli, solution consultant|


Communication and collaboration tools have been critical to keeping law firms’ people working productively in lockdowns, and the solutions are now evolving further in anticipation of the need to manage processes and teams remotely on a longer-term basis. Video meetings and chat channels are now ubiquitous in home offices, kitchens and bedrooms around the world, but there are many other opportunities to collaborate and progress work more efficiently.

One tool that has become hugely popular in 2020 is Microsoft Teams. In this Briefing 5P workshop, editor-in-chief Richard Brent is joined by Vinnie Scarinci, vice president of legal practice, and Lucy Nigrelli, solution consultant, the Microsoft Dynamics Gold Parter, to take you through a potential day in the life of a dispersed law firm user, including:

  • The range of productivity apps available, and opportunity for introducing third-party applications
  • Ability to view the entire team holding key responsibilities within a matter, before contacting them directly or scheduling a meeting
  • Using Teams for Covid-19-safe office desk booking
  • Reviewing and recording time spent on Teams, as well as overall performance indicators
  • Using the pop-up evergreen assistant to submit time, make enquiries or search for documents
  • Using Teams to better connect and collaborate with clients
  • Many other tips and tricks to transform communication, from message reminders to productivity-enhancing features such as immersive reading and shortcuts.

Watch the video on YouTube.


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