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Briefing Frontiers 2022: Technology-driven business change

From innovation initiatives and automation investment to cybersecurity and competitive threats, Briefing Frontiers: Legal IT landscapes explores the key business priorities and emerging technologies to keep your eyes on in 2022. Attend to investigate trends, provoke your strategic thinking and spark new ideas when it comes to improving your firm’s profitability and gaining a competitive edge.

Jess Carey


Briefing Frontiers 2022

Josh Adcock |
Can tech and strategy meet to transform law firm productivity?
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Briefing Frontiers: Legal IT landscapes 2021 event

Richard Brent, editor-in-chief | Dana Denis-Smith, CEO and founder | Kunoor Chopra, vice president of legal services and co-founder |
How can law firms leverage technology to compete with ALS providers
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Legal IT landscapes 2021

Jess Carey |
Has a year of Covid-19 transformed law firms' technology wants and needs?
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Legal IT landscapes 2020

Jess Carey |
How is legal business being shaped by technology?
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LITL 2019 security special

Jess Carey |
Law firms explain what’s on the agenda for managing the risk of cyberattack
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Briefing LITL 2019 cover image

Legal IT landscapes 2019

Jess Carey |
Where is legal technology strategy changing as we enter 2019?
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